Im sure all of you have heard me one time or another say that I am never gonna get married...
WEll I lied!!!

Sunday night, tyler asked me to marry him!!! I said yes of course.

Now that im telling people, im hearing sarcasim and negitive comments made about it, but i dont care, we both shrug them off. We know how strong our love is for each other, nobodys oppion is gonna change that. We are the only ones who know how we feel and we know that we are in lvoe with each other.

So all you who think its fake, or stupid or retarted, i have no room for you in my live. I can see myself with tyler way into the future and when he asked me i said yes, i've always known i could love and be with him forever, so why cant forever start now?

I dont have to explain it to everyone, all i know is its me and tyler.
Im so happy, but nervous too, its a new thing for me, i look at him now and see the guy im going to be with forever and it makes me swell up with pride and happyness. Im, for the very first time, in true love.

We dont plan on a wedding any time soon, we want to finish highschool, and live togather after that for awhile before we wed.

Anywys, i've got to get going, were gonna go to browns camp and ride around.
Oh and every time i would tell someone, they would always ask if he had a ring, wth? Well he didnt have a ring, but fuck, i didnt need a ring to say yes, i didnt need to see a ring to make my descion, i knew in my heart i wanted to be with him, so i am but here soon were gonna go ring looking and all that jazz!!!!


Bet you didnt expect that one from me huh?